LEED Features in Carpenter Lane

Here are just some of the many features in 520 Carpenter Lane that are components
in our quest for LEED certification:

Split Ductless Heating and Cooling

One of the most efficient methods of heating and cooling a home, split-ductless systems use significantly less energy than conventional heating, resulting in a significantly reduced energy bill. System will be Energy STAR. More details to come as they are specified

Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV)

ERVs continually replace the stale inside the homes with fresh air from the outside. They also capture up to 90% of the thermal energy of the stale air and transfer it to the incoming air, resulting in a healthier interior atmosphere without wasting the energy of the HVAC system.

Low-Flow Fixtures

Significantly reduce the need for fresh water. Toilets will be 1.28 gf and shower heads will be an average 1.75 gpm

Site Selection

520 Carpenter Lane is located on previously developed commercial land which has been vacant for most of the last decade. This type of urban infill takes advantage of the previously installed infrastructure, as well as the proximity to all the amenities that the neighborhood has to offer.

Materials Selections

Many of the materials were selected for both sustainability and aesthetics.


Walk Score of 72 

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